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Hotel and Hospitality
Hotel & hospitality items include all the essentials that are required for a comfortable stay at hotel or hospital. These are appreciated for high performance efficiency, longer service life and easy operations. Hotel & hospitality items make it convenient to open and lock the door. 

Retail Security
Retail security systems are designed for the safety and security of the goods. These make sure there is no theft or loot. Our offered products also ensure safety of public and shopkeeper as well. Retail security systems are easy to install. 

Barriers And Gate Automation
Barriers and gate automation systems control the flow of traffic. These are also known for controlling the access of vehicles in certain areas. Barriers and gate automation systems are equipped with a pole or bar that creates a barrier. 

Smart Home & Office Solutions
Smart home & office solutions are comprised of automatic devices that ease up the daily routine. These are helpful in turning the AC on or off on the command of your voice. Smart home & office solutions control household appliance and enable electronic appliances. 

IP Surveillance
IP surveillances are a kind of camera which send and receive video footage through ip network. These are used for keeping an eye on everything that comes under the radar of camera. IP surveillances possess maximum longevity, high efficiency and appealing structure. 

Electronic Lock Solutions
Electronic lock solutions are appreciated in commercial, residential and corporate areas. These are featured with innovative keypad entry, smartphone and fingerprint scan. Electronic lock solutions keep everything safe and secure. Our offered devices prevent theft and risk of burglary.